Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Modern English

HS asked me whether I (tender of the '80s flame) had the song "I melt with you" by Modern English. I don't have it, and he was prepared to BUY the CD it was on. In the itunes age, this is clearly deranged behavior. "Life in the Gladhouse, 1980-1984: Best of Modern English" will set you back $16.98. But in addition to that school-dance classic, you get such tracks as Sixteen Days, Dawn Chorus, and Swans on Glass. If anyone can sing those songs for me right now, I'll hand my next paycheck over to you. I am always highly amused when a one-hit wonder puts out a "Best of" compilation. My favorite "Best of"is Toni Basil's. You know, she did "Mickey" and, uh (crickets chirping).

Modern English is a band name that is trying a little too hard. It's too tongue-in-cheek. Like Living in a Box, it tries to sum up the state of the world a little too pithily.

Modern English: 3.2


ceri said...

what about the name "arab strap"? i love this band, but is the name just crude or what?

Amy said...

Wow...I guess other people are reading. I sort of like this name because a) it has good consonance, b) it's rather mysterious. You have to dig around a little to find out it means cock ring (at least, I did. Maybe this is more commonly known among the Welsh?). I'd give it a 7.0.