Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Reluctant Vegan

What's up with this band name? It's completely lame.

Does it work better as a blog name? Good. Because it's the name of my new blog. Never fear, the Band Name Blog will continue to rock you.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snow Patrol

This name came to mind as I was watching heavy wet snow fall this morning and into this afternoon, causing cancellation of my plan to attend Kate's fabulous Oscar party tonight in Richmond. Boo to snow.

There is some nice assonance going on in this name. It's a fun name to say, especially if you say it really slow. Then it sounds like a 78 rpm record played at 45 rpm (did I just lose everyone under 30?).

My first thought was that this band's name is a fairly lame drug reference. (See also "ski instructor seeks snow bunny" personal ads on Craigslist.) I imagined they were frat boys who used lots of drugs in college, to later become suburban dads who disdain drug use but who go through half a bottle of vodka every weekend. Let the record show that I'm not afraid to admit when I'm wrong. They earned this name the hard way. As Wikipedia says,
"Bass player Paul Wilson said the reason for the name stemmed from an encounter with police in Telluride, Colorado. The band members apparently were caught trying to cut down a Christmas tree from the skiing hotspot. The band successfully eluded the police when they hid a cave for over five hours. Drummer Jonny Quinn suffered from pneumonia after the ordeal."

This behavior is so stupid I'm actually impressed. They thought it would be better to get pneumonia and risk freezing to death than to get a slap on the wrist and a small fine. I guess natural selection worked out OK for them in this case.

Snow Patrol: 5.7

Loney, Dear

As one magazine put it, this name is the bane of spellcheckers everywhere. Also, it makes no sense. There are many good nonsensical band names, but I don't think this is one of them. I can't find an explanation of the name's origins, but I have learned the guy who comprises 100% of Loney, Dear is Swedish. As someone with Swedish heritage (and because English is clearly his second language), I award him a pity point.

The title of his next album is Loney, Noir. Couldn't he have come up with a straightforward title to balance out the confusing name?

Loney, Dear: 2.5 (includes pity point)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Mod Cons

This just goes to show that yes, all the good band names are taken. I've been happy to find that two band names I'd thought were great actually exist. The Mod Cons are a band from the UK that look pretty firmly entrenched on the Wigan-Liverpool circuit.

The first thing I like about this band name is that Mod and Con are such delightfully ambiguous words. Of course, we know it's short for "modern conveniences," but couldn't it be Mod like '60s mod, and Con like convict?

Second, the idea of modern conveniences is strongly nostalgic for me. What are mod cons? Like, a dishwasher and an electric dryer (as opposed to a rubber tub and a clothesline)? It reminds me of a car mechanic's sign in Worcester, MA, where I went to grad school. The sign said "Computerized service" and it had one of those little atom symbols. Wow--computers!

The Mod Cons: 9.0

Green Milk from the Planet Orange

Sarah keeps the good ideas rollin'. I'll give this band props for a nicely-designed website. This band name wants to be part of the gross-out genre, but the web site tries to put it in the minimal graphics cool-school instead. The best example of a gross-out band name I have found is Orgasm-Induced Diarrhea. Sorry if anyone is reading this over dinner.

You won't forget this band name, but it's also pretty unwieldy. The acronym, used frequently on the web site, is GMFTPO. Now, I work for the Federal gov't, and even I think that's a bad acronym. How about GrMiPO instead?

Green Milk from the Planet Orange: 3.7

Vincent van Go Go

Alert reader Sarah provided some inspiration to get my ass bloggin' again. First, did you know that van Gogh is correctly pronounced like "fun hoff?" The "hoff" is very phlegmy. Things aren't looking too good for Van go go already. This name is undoubtedly funny, at least to me, but it's a little long. Sarah, does the singer perform with a bandaged ear?

Vincent van Go Go: 4.5

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cute is What We Aim For

Well, you missed (oh, snap!).

Cute is What We Aim For: 0.5