Monday, March 26, 2007

Sistas in the Pit

I'm going to see Iggy Pop next week, and two bands are opening for him: Sistas in the Pit and The High Class Elite. I predict a fight backstage.

Sistas: The High Class Elite Man is trying to bring us down!
High Class: Climb out of the pit and join the rest of society!

I'm not sure how I feel about names that use the vernacular (i.e. sistas vs. sisters). I know that I feel like a dork when I say "Da Ali G show," because I have very little of that rhythm thing. But I think the sistas can carry it off. Maybe The High Clas Elite should call themselves Da High Class Elite.

Sistas in the Pit: 6.3
The High Class Elite: 2.5


Anonymous said...

I hope to see some good stage dives. Your spinning classes should make for excellent lift and distance. You'll impress them and get to party in Iggy's stretch Hummer limo after the show. Since they're all 60 it should be a more mellow scene now.(I would still pass on the limo hot tub)
ps-If Iggy's just too creepy take Bowie to Ben's Chili Bowl. Send me the phone cam pics!

Amy said...

Whoa, you are going to be the human shield between me and Iggy, remember! But I hope Iggy has reproduced (with someone other than me), because he must have some serious survivor DNA.

Anonymous said...

Sistas in the Pit fucking ROCK!!!
You suck and so does your blog.

Anonymous said...

I believe "SISTAS IN THE PIT" means black women who play rock music. Now that is something you do not see every day. We should celebrate their accomplishments and really look at how this is a historical point in music history. How Many all black female rock bands do you know?