Monday, March 12, 2007


I dare you to try saying this name using your normal speaking voice. It just can't be done.

The group gives an explanation of their name (something about a coalition of unity) that scores high on the bs-meter. The band members used pseudonyms Chip Fu, Moc Fu, and Poc Fu. This isn't a band, it's a takeout menu. However, the name is certainly memorable and fun. Unfortunately, the Fu-Schnickens' oeuvre has not held up as well as their name. The picture at the top shows the Fu-Schnickens' namesake: a gay basketball team in San Francisco who captured the spring tournament championship in 2005, narrowly beating a band--I mean team--named Contact High.

Fu-Schnickens: 6.3

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Anonymous said...

Once a Stooge...

Iggy Pop keeps getting scolded for things he did in his druggie days that he no longer remembers. “People come up to me once in a while and yell at me for something I did to their house 23 years ago,” the rock dinosaur tells Stuff magazine, “like puking in their mailbox.”