Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My! Gay! Husband!

Regular readers should know I'm not a fan of punctuation in band names. What is wrong with "My Gay Husband?" (question mark not included, although that would still be a big improvement over the exclamation points.) With the exclamation points, I want to say the name in cheerleader style: MY (clap) GAY (clap) HUSBAND (shake pom poms)!

MGH is a DJ in Vancouver. I'll grant that he has some pretty spiffy promo posters. The one I like most is above. He has appointed himself "le prince de la rave rap." How does one dress to see rave rap? Lots of bling and a green wig?

I found this name on a list of the best SxSW band names this year, which is quite a treasure trove.

My! Gay! Husband!: 1.8


Anonymous said...

I would prefer My Gay Hamster!


Amy said...

HS, you're not supposed to talk about that here...

sarah.lawrance said...

haha! gotta love this blog... it was great seeing you at the conference :)

totally unrelated question: i have a buddy out here who likes the petshop boys and glam-rock type stuff but she doesn't know a lot of music in that genre. do you have any suggestions/reccomendations of who she ought to check out?

Anonymous said...

Is it ok to talk about this?


Edythe said...

Well said.