Friday, January 26, 2007

Noble Rot

I'm back from my business trip out west, where Budget car rental conspired to stick me in a Hummer H3. Hilarity did not ensue. I feel like I should spend the weekend planting trees in penitence.

I thought Noble Rot would be a great band name, so I was pleased to find that this band does indeed exist. This web page about them is hilarious and profound all at once. Their song titles include "Detox Bitch" and "Big Bottle of Love." The page also opines that the lead singer's basement is "a hot spot of sorts for underground rock shows." In short, I see this band as the sons of Spinal Tap.

The singer comments that “In the end, you make the name, the name doesn’t make you.” I tend to disagree (that's kind of the point of my blog, after all), but there is a kernel of truth here. The most outlandish band name can gain respectability if the music is good enough.

Noble Rot: 9.2


Katyola said...

A Hummer? Sounds like a cosmic joke!

Amy said...

No joke, my friend. I did agree to it but I was a little flustered at the time. The damn thing kept beeping at me because it thought the doors were ajar. I closed them all several times, but it never went away.

Fin De Fichier said...

Ha! No surprise! What a piece of crap!

I'm SO fed up with rental companies sticking people with giant vehicles 'cause that's all they've got left. It's happened to me twice, the last two times I had to rent a car.

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