Monday, January 29, 2007

The Knack

Thanks to someone who shall remain nameless, "My Sharona" has been stuck in my head all day. The instigator has redeemed himself to a degree by discovering that the titular Sharona is now a real estate agent who says inscrutable things like "My Sharona has had an impact on my ability to understand the entertainers [sic] mind, there's something simpatico." All right, honey, you need to stop smoking the funny cigarettes Doug Fieger gave you when you were 17. (For further reading check out this excellent appreciation of the Knack's late drummer, Bruce Gary.)

Anyway, The Knack is similar to The Rentals. The band names are middling on their own, but they made for some great artist/title combos. The Knack released Get the Knack, and the Rentals have Return of the Rentals. Not the most sophisticated humor technique, but it works for me.

The Knack: 7.4


Anonymous said...

Not that bad...I had Luther Vandross pounded into my head for an hour on Saturday.
Smooth Jazz should be a crime.


Amy said...

The punishment for disseminating smooth jazz? Community service at Positive Force shows!

sarah.lawrance said...

Hey Amy! If you're looking for some great selection of names to consider, check out the listing SXSW band for this year

Some of my favorite *bad* names: Earl Greyhound, Elemeno P, Vincent van Go Go, and-- get this-- Green Milk From the Planet Orange!!! Pretty bad...

Amy said...

Sarah, thanks! The blog has been fallow for a little while but your suggestions have inspired me.