Sunday, December 17, 2006

Soccer Team

This band opened for a show I was at on Friday; however, we arrived too late to see them. There is a lot to be said for an easily google-able name, and Soccer Team is not one of them. They join the ranks of talented but unfortunately named bands like The Sounds, James, and Pulp. Looking for Pulp-related items on Ebay is a real chore.

Searching for "Soccer team band" brings up their home page, but many links to Soccer Team are probably buried deep within Google. Also, Soccer Team is a pretty generic, boring name to me. Badminton Team would have been better. It reminds me of my sister's story about the excruciatingly hip badminton team at her college. They had shirts printed up which said "Bad" on the front and "Minton" on the back. A band named Badminton Team could have similar shirts produced.

Soccer Team: 2.3


igotmoxie said...

i think the pervasiveness was part of the appeal of naming a band "soccer team". also, the fact that it didn't really suit the band (see Punk Planet interview by the amazing writer elizabeth crane to get the full story)

Amy said...

Thanks for the background information. I'll check out the PP interview. I think there is good generic/pervasive and bad or bland generic. I like "The Smiths" because it has the connotation of Everyman, and Morrissey is anything but. "Soccer Team" just doesn't have any depth to me.