Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The J. Geils Band

I dislike bands named after actual band members even more than bland band names like The Beat. These bands should use a smidgen more imagination, even if one band member is the main draw. Look at Joan Jett, people. Instead of The Joan Jett Band, she chose Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, which is much better. Ian Drury performed with the Blockheads. Couldn't J. Geils have been performing with the Naked J-birds, for example?

On a side note, I don't have the heart to rate The Pete Best Band. You may or may not know that Pete Best is known as "the fifth Beatle." Did you know that he still performs? Yeah--at Jammin' Java, a venue near me that holds maybe 200 people. Man, he must be kicking himself.

The J. Geils Band: 2.0 (I would have ranked it lower, but I want to leave some room for band names with hideous puns or tasteless/disgusting connotations.)


Katyola said...

Pete Best got fired by the Beatles! One reason, I understand, is because he was better looking than the other ones and got all the girls. The other reason I heard is because he refused to get the "Beatle haircut." But it definitely wasn't his choice. Yours obsessively, Kate

Amy said...

Wow, how the mighty (and cutely coiffed) have fallen. By the way, I will try to call you soon!