Thursday, May 11, 2006

Joy Division

I had to go to an outside source (let's call him Vitamin S) to make sure I knew the origins of Joy Division's name. Apparently it comes from the group of Jewish women in concentration camps that the Nazis used as (unpaid) prositutes. Very dark. How appropriate for a band whose sound seemed to come from "a crater on the moon." To me, Joy Division is one of the great band names of all time. I feel the same way about their music.

As an aside, did you know that May is Jewish-American Heritage Month? I was informed of this today by a mass email sent to me and all of my fellow employees. Not sure why they waited until the 11th to tell us that.

Joy Division: Rules.

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Katyola said...

It's hard to separate the name from the music. Thanks for the history lesson, though. And of course JD rules. As if there were any other option!