Friday, April 21, 2006

King Lychee

Let's start with King Lychee, a hardcore punk band from Hong Kong. I was recently lucky enough to see King Lychee perform on their home turf. They rock, and I hope they play in the States someday. Their name, in juxtaposition with their musical style, shows they don't take themselves too seriously. This quality is rarer than it should be, I think.

King Lychee: Rules.


Katyola said...

Rules: that name's nuts.

Amy said...

You win a door prize for the first comment! I'll give you a hint: it comes from Laos. I'll link to your blog once I figure out how to do such things.

Jayster said...

Actually, the name is more fruit than nuts, I think. Isn't the lychee a fruit native to the southern China area? I believe it is sometimes referred to as "King of the Fruits". Thus, the band's name.

In fact, there is an old Chinese saying ... "one lychee equals three torches of fire". That might refer to the energy-giving properties of the fruit, which seems to fit with the band's genre of music.

Is there any middle ground here between "rules" and "sucks"? How about "fruity and interesting"?